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10 Texas Cities for your Next Road Trip

This was written by a friend of mine on my other blog, For info on Dallas art, culture, music, and tech see Enjoy!
By Kristen Kouk

1. Marfa, pop. 2,000

Best known for the Marfa lights and the movie set of Giant, Marfa has become an oasis of West Texas. This little city has attracted some West Coasters seeking open spaces and unique art. Make sure to visit Marfa for a one of a kind experience.

2. Port Arthur, pop. 57,000
My favorite part of Port Author? The other worldy accents. And by other worldly I mean, not West Texas slang but East Texas drawls. Beautiful beach town with friendly natives.

3. Denton, pop. 120,000
The up-and-coming Austin? Maybe, but for now it’s a quaint college town with a burgeoning music scene. Check out the stellar downtown book store and attend a University of North Texas football game.

4. Weatherford, pop. 19,000
Home of some of the state’s best Texas country music, Weatherford is the home to many cowboys who commute to Cow Town during the week.

5. Lajitas, pop. ? (it’s that small)

A personal fave, this little resort town has grown tremendously over the past ten years. Make sure to say hello to the mayor… a beer guzzling goat named Clay Henry.

See cool city pics and learn about five more cities for your next Texas road trip.
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