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31 Fun Things to Do in Dallas

Hey community members. Can you do me a favor? Please visit the site below at the end. I'm trying to get recognition as a blogger in order to get on the radar of a certain entertainment paper. If you like my list, please share the original URL on Livejournal, Facebook, or Twitter. If not, you're comments are appreciate.

  1. Work or Surf Online Remotely - Check out the top ten best free wifi spots in Dallas, and take a day out of the office. Cost: Free
  2. Rock an '80s Roller Rink - Bring back the nostalgia of hair bands blaring on the juke box while circling the rink. Take a group or your family to White Rock Skate Center. Cost: $5.50 afternoons, $7.50 evenings
  3. Play 2ft Jenga -  Barcadia on Henderson has several nostalgic videos games as well as ski ball, all for 50 cents a game. They also have three or four sets of homespun Jenga style games made from two-by-fours. Find out the drink specials at Barcadia. Cost: Free
  4. Join the YapClub -  What does YAP stand for? Young Active Professionals. With its beginnings in Dallas, this website for young professionals in their 20s, 30s & early 40s is run by volunteers from all over the U.S. and features monthly events, nightlife and entertainment, with regular local events and travel vacations for members. Sign up and see the latest events in Dallas on their community website YapClub.comCost: Free to join
27 More Fun Things to Do in Dallas.
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