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Attention Writers


• Do you want a nurturing environment to build confidence in yourself and your writing?
• Do you want to stretch your writing talents and skills?
• Do you want your drafts critiqued?
• Do you want to improve your writing in hopes of getting published?
• Do you want to find your true writing voice?
• Do you want to be in a group of dedicated writers who are committed to coming to the meetings and learning from each other?

Then please join our writing group!

We are writers with all types of backgrounds. We write screenplays, poems, stories, novels, romance, science fiction, essays, etc.

We meet in Frisco, in my home, every other Saturday afternoon.

Meetings include: readings from books geared towards the art and mechanics of writing, discussions, not-so-average writing exercises, and much more!

Please email friscoplanowriters at yahoo.com. Tell me a little bit about yourself, and include a brief writing sample (no more than 2 pages please).

The next meeting is July 8th!

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